events to go to in Bolonga Italy

If you think you already know everything about what Bologna could offer you, then think again. We haven’t even started. It was awesome enough to explore the place. But to explore the place while an event is going on, and you could take part in that event? That is simply remarkable!

This is why, travellers often schedule their trips in time for the regular events in town. Check out our list below for the regular events in the area.

  • “Imola Show Exchange – From 10 to 12 September

The most important and traditional appointment for all enthusiasts for the exchange of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, accessories and spare parts

The Cineteca di Bologna, in collaboration with Mambo, presents a refined exhibition dedicated to the figure of the extraordinary Romagna director who had put his alter ego in the restless and fascinating figure of Marcello Mastroianni. The Bologan cinema proposes a calendar of appointments, first of all the projection of the complete retrospective of the works of Fellini, accompanied by numerous interviews signed by the same director over the years. The geography of the rediscovery of Fellini arrives at Mambo, where an exhibition titled “Fellini From Italy to the Moon” is set up, conceived on the discovery of the creative and narrative techniques of the director. Through a multidisciplinary course, Fellini’s world of life is intertwined with film elements, Photographic documents, television images and works of art dedicated to the great master of Italian cinema. Bologna Manifatture of Arts therefore proposes a Fellinean pathway into contamination between visual and film art, musical and performance, combining traditional cultural realities with innovation and experimental research

  • “Holy Stephen International Festival – June

The event intends to contribute with the great music to the recovery of the millennial monastic structure of Santo Stefano, at whose cloister they hold theatrical pieces, concerts and encounters.