There is nothing worse than missing a must-see site in Bologna while you are in the area. This is why, Destination Bologna has it all planned out for you already. Some of the inclusions in your itinerary are as follows:


We are more than happy to offer you a ticket for the performances of the yearly Opera season. No matter what time of the year you choose to visit, we’ll give you the VIP pass on any opera active on your time of visit. If you prefer a more ragged music, then we could do that to. We are giving you a choice from either, or if you prefer both, at a little added price.

You could also visit music venues of bologna , musical evenings, and concerts. The best part is the possibility of enjoying that music with both locals, and travellers alike.


Are you among those who love sports and nature? Then by all means, enjoy what we offer to you. Bologna has many hills, and nature trails to be explored. Take a look at their organic production while you are in the area, and enjoy sports like golf and the like.

If you are a car or motorcycle enthusiasts, you’ll get a chance of a lifetime by availing our “Ferrari experience,” and/or “Ducati Motors: A Bolognese Passion.” Here you get the chance to visit museums dedicated to the rides. You even get the chance to drive a real-life Ferrari, and Ducati as part of your package.


Of course, Bologna food is something you should not miss. Discover all the enosgastronomy proposals in Bologna by getting a treat of flavors from traditional dishes. You’d get to taste different kinds of wine of the Emilia-Romagna countryside, which is one of the most sought-after in the whole town, and outside. You could also try your hand at cooking on your own through various culinary classes.

How exciting it would be to bring home a little dish with local flavors from Bologna?

All that and more if you contact Destination Bologna today.