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Destination Bologna is an integrated tourist offer to meet every customer’s needs, either individually or in a group. We offer cultural, shopping, sports and food and wine tours in order to enjoy the pleasure of travelling.

Why Destination Bologna?

The advantage of Destination Bologna is that is injects a little bit of personal touch that improves the overall experience of tourists and travelers alike. Whether you are in the place for business, or pleasure, there is never a doubt that you’ll get the maximum satisfaction you could get in your stay.

Every stay elaborated by Destination Bologna becomes a “tailor-made dress” that fits perfectly with the style of the wearer. We make every guest’s wishes possible, integrating the places they wish to see in the original itinerary. We are flexible in providing our customers the fun and excitement they deserve.


Depending on your location, there are several ways you could enter Bologna. Railway network is available. You could take that or the highway network if you prefer a longer travel with a sightseeing here, and there. There are also several flights available – national, international, and continental flights.

When you get to Bologna, just the surroundings alone would already give you the feeling of home. It is very laid-back and offers a lot of beautiful sceneries that would definitely be a breath of fresh air. Culture is something to look forward to, and art is everywhere starting from the majestic architecture in the place.

Experience the finest accommodation in Bologna

You’ll never have any shortage of accommodations because as the number of tourists who visit the place every year grows, more and more hotels, and bed and breakfast, and opulent villas are being made to accommodate the growing number of travellers. These ranges from economical to lavish, and could accommodate any type of travellers.

You’re travelling by land and have you own car or rental? There are several lodgings here with beautifully made and similar to garage doors in Tucson communities that are weather stripped and insulated that would protect your ride from heat or cold.

Travelling with pets? We have pet-friendly hotels here for you. Of course, no one would want to leave their furry loved ones behind. You can rest assured that they will be cared for here, and would have their own place.

Rooms for group are also available, so are camping grounds if you want to feel being at one with nature. You could try it once during the duration of your stay here. Not to mention, local food here is to die for, and guaranteed to make you come back for more.

Destination Bologna!

You could also rent out a tourist guide to ensure that you wouldn’t miss any must-see attraction in the area. There are several who are foreign speakers so wherever you come from, you wouldn’t worry about the language barrier. They have a way of getting into beautiful spots even to locals are not very well known!

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